Sharing Your Day Home on Facebook

Update: 2017-03-25

We've made some changes to how your day home page will look like when it is shared on Facebook.

Facebook will now display the FIRST image that appears in your gallery. So it's best to start adding images to you gallery so you can choose what is displayed when your day home is shared.

In addition, the description of your day home will also show up alone side the name of your day home. We encourage you to have those filled in as well. It's recommended that you choose your first few sentences that can grab the attention of your audience.

If you do not have a description of your day home, it will show a generic description welcoming people to check out your day home. The same goes with your gallery. The default image will be the logo of DayHomeFinder if you do not have any images in your gallery.

We'll soon be rolling out more options to edit your day home in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!